Brick-a-laide 2018 – Registrations Open !!

Brick-a-laide is on once again this Easter and Southern Bricks will be out in full to show Adelaide just what we can do!

So set your calendars for Friday 30th & Saturday 31st March, 2018!!!

Further details regarding the event are available on the Brickalaide website.

As part of us displaying this year, each exhibitor will receive:

· Brick-a-laide Exhibitor T-shirt
· Brick-a-laide 2018 brick badge
· Custom printed name brick badge
· An invitation to attend the VIP Brick-a-laide Awards Night
· 2 x lunch vouchers (1 each day) to be redeemed at the Brick Café

We will still have the discounted parking as usual, but it’s exciting that we now get $10 vouchers at the Brick Café for each exhibitor. Please make sure you list each exhibitor to get this if you are thinking of applying.

We encourage those who want to display to sign up before registrations close on January 31st using the following up survey form:

If exhibiting for the first time the Southern Bricks community is full of experienced builders and exhibitors happy to help support and provide guidance before and throughout this awesome event!

AFOL, Toy Collector, Cartoon fanatic, Trickysaurus Wrangler

Luke Saurus

AFOL, Toy Collector, Cartoon fanatic, Trickysaurus Wrangler