LEGO Winter Toy Shop makes a come back for Christmas

This year’s LEGO seasonal set is the 10249 Winter Toy Shop, a refresh of the original 10199 Winter Toy Shop with a few updates. For people who have been collecting these sets for a while, the news has been a little disappoing, but for others who are new to LEGO seasonal sets, it’s good news.

Due for release in October from LEGO at Shop at Home (VIPs will have access from 16 September), the 898 piece set will set you back $109.99.

Retired LEGO sets are hot items as more people rediscover their passion for collecting LEGO products. With demand increasing, some retired sets are being sold for much more than their original price, even thousands of dollars, especially if they’re “brand new in box” (BNIB).

The Winter theme is a popular one and was featured in our last Iron Builder challenge. For collectors of this theme who missed out on the original set, this release will be a welcome (and likely cheaper) addition to their collection.

There have been a few new additions to this set refresh and some fun features for those who haven’t seen it before. Have a watch of the LEGO Designer video below for a closer look.

For the full details of the set and more photos, visit our Facebook Page.

Southern Bricks LEGO Users Group is a community of LEGO fans from Adelaide and across South Australia.

Southern Bricks Admin

Southern Bricks LEGO Users Group is a community of LEGO fans from Adelaide and across South Australia.

  • Mandy Mason

    Very, very tempting. Would go nicely with the little xmas display i made from the advent calender items last year ☺

    • Yes! Last year’s advent calendar had some good little builds in it. Better beware though, collecting these season sets could be an expensive habit

    • Yes! Last year’s advent calendar had some fun little builds in it. Be careful though, you might catch the Winter Village bug and want to collect them all 🙂

  • Ervin Sim

    Two weeks on from this news breaking, and there’s still smatterings of whinging here and there.

    Must say it’s quite unfortunate if you had a couple stored as investment pieces, or bought one recently, but hey, nothing in life is guaranteed. I’m sure many people picked up the santa set last year, it’s a great stand-alone winter set, and this might just push them into the winter village world.

  • I’ve got all the winter village sets. I’m not disappointed that they re-released an old set because it lessens the value of my collectors item (I’m a builder, not in for future profit), but I’m disappointed that it wasn’t a new and exciting set to purchase!