Tea Tree Gully Library Display

SBLUG Members Tim and Michael Burdon, Narelle Robinson, Ben and Tristan Tomlins all helped out for a recent display at Tea Tree Gully Library on 27th January.  This also celebrated the 58th Anniversary of the Lego Brick Patent being lodged!

Public attendance was great with approximately 300 people coming through between 10am and 4pm and a lot of the younger LEGO fans looking for their own building ideas in the School Holidays.  We talked about all things LEGO and got some really interesting conversations about all different Themes, Lego Digital Designer and more!

The team displayed some great MOCs and a few of the larger kits that all attracted keen interest from the attendees.  There were some great questions from the crowd and the team busily promoted Brickalaide coming up in March.

Stand out MOC went to Narelle Robinson with her Rock Band Stage, complete with flashing stage lighting and audio piped through that had the kids dancing in front of the table!

We were amazed at the talent from the kids on the free-build tables with plenty of awesome creations coming to life.  We had a bridge, a scorpion and some cool glasses, along with buildings and a batmobile in a garage.

Not only is the Southern Bricks LEGO User Group preparing for Brickalaide, but we also have Brick Barossa at Lyndoch in July that the team are planning for.

It was certainly a great day out at the library and we have a possible return date later in the year.  Stay tuned for more….!

Southern Bricks Admin

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