This guy’s real-life LEGO exo suit controls his own robot

LEGO designer and author, Daniele Benedettelli, builds some impressive LEGO MINDSTORMS  robots, but his Cyclops mecha has an awesome trick – it’s remote controlled by his own home-made exo suit.

Yes. He has his own, real-life, telemetric LEGO exoskeleton. An exo suit.

It’s not quite the same scale as the now-retired 2119 Exo Suit, but it’s still taking us one step closer into the world of science fiction.

Looking like something out of the movie, Elysium, the exo suit captures Daniele’s movements through a number of sensors and communictates with the Cyclops via Bluetooth using an Arduino board.

If the exo suit isn’t enough, the design of the LEGO robot itself is impressive. It looks great, has good range of movement and is super-responsive to Daniele’s movements.

The end result is a mind-blowing example of what can be done through LEGO, technology and the knack of inventing and making.

You can check out the rest of Daniele Benedettelli’s work and the work put into the Cyclops project over on the Danny’s Lab website.

Source: Danny’s Lab
Via: Kotaku

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