Hitting the Exhibition Highway with Nigel Cotter

First time exhibitor (long time builder) Nigel Cotter

Local Adelaide builder and collector Nigel Cotter has been around LEGO for over 20 years but has never been an exhibitor – until Brixpo 2019!

Southern Bricks Secretary, Ben Tomlins, happened to be having a discussion with Nigel’s wife, Julie, at work about the Brixpo 2019 display. This resulted in Nigel inviting Ben over to the workshop and after some words of encouragement (although Nigel didn’t need a lot of coaxing!) the idea of breaking some of his work out of the shed and being a first-time exhibitor came to life!

Nigel’s Shell tanker is created from a large amount of bulk LEGO, with the scale designed solely around the size of the wheels. After pulling multiples of the wheels out of piles of bulk he’s sorted over the years the idea has been a while in the making. The model includes a full pneumatic air pump to lift the hood and reveal the heavy hauler’s power plant, with the model taking around 80 hours of building and about $180 in parts.

To complete the display, Nigel cleaned out a lot of the local Bricklink sellers of 2 x 2 45 degree slopes, as these parts in his collection were showing their age. “I actually built the truck cab in blue first, then built the tanker in the Shell colours. I thought it was about time to build the cab in matching livery and this was the end result” he explained. “I have had such a good time displaying at Brixpo 2019, it’s been a great event for a first time exhibitor. I have already made my mind up that I am coming back next year!”

We asked Nigel what he has on the cards for a return build, he told us that he has already started on another scale model but just gave me a smile and said we will just have to wait and see!

Southern Bricks Admin

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