LEGO Batman Movie Advanced Screening

Sunday 19th March saw the SBLUG Members and general public attend an Advanced Screening of the new LEGO Batman Movie at Event Cinemas Marion.

We booked out a 200 seat cinema which only had a few spare seats left in order to to get the most LEGO Fans in as possible, with a door prize and a raffle prize on offer.  Check out Steve Ready from the SBLUG Community Builders Group in the pre movie presentation below.

The movie is absolutely ‘Awesome’ – we see Batman (aka Bruce Wayne) struggle as an independent crime-fighter to work as part of a team with his new cohort of associates.  There are some great nods to not only the original Batman series with Adam West, but also the many other reincarnations over the ages.  The humour is well written with so many quick gags and the whole cinema was laughing from start to finish.  It is definately worth a watch and is now released for general viewing from 30th March.

   Shot from Event Cinemas before the film.

Southern Bricks Admin

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