LEGO shops in Adelaide and South Australia

Outside of the usual major retailers, there are quite a few independent shops around Adelaide and South Australia. We’ll be keeping this list up-to-date as best we can, but if you know of another shop, please leave a comment below!

Brick Lady

Visit the Brick Lady website

Galaxy Toys/Toys R Go

Visit the Galaxy Toys website
Visit the Toys R Go website


Visit the Laygo website

Toy Corner

Visit the Toy Corner website

Refreshing Memories

Visit the Refreshing Memories Website

Sueclays Antiques and Vintage Decor

Visit the Sueclays Antiques and Vintage Decor Facebook Page


Visit the Brickoholics Facebook Page

Bricklink Stores

Bricklink is a huge website that not only lists just about every set and LEGO piece you could want, but its filled with online stores of people selling new and used LEGO. Here’s just a handful of the South Australian stores run by people active in the Southern Bricks community.

Taking pictures of mini plastic people in public places.

Ben Teoh

Taking pictures of mini plastic people in public places.