Meet Nicky Schneider

Are you an “Adult Fan of LEGO” (AFOL) who has recently rediscovered LEGO after a long period of time? Southern Bricks LEGO User Group member, Nicky, shares her story about the sets that she played with as a child – and the sets she now plays with as an adult!

Say hello to another of our great SBLUG members – the creative, Nicky Schneider.

About Me

nicky (7)Hi there! I’m Nicky Schneider… 31 year old cupcake maker, visual merchandiser, photographer, and of course, LEGO enthusiast. A creative person through and through, I’ve always had a love and appreciation for anything that people do or make simply because they can.

As a kid growing up in the 80’s, my sisters and I had quite a few Fabuland sets. I still have a few pieces here and there of our Fabuland family but a fair bit was given to my friend’s little boys to use when they first started playing with LEGO. Barney Bear and his car was a favourite. I loved the blue front piece of the car.

I didn’t exactly have “dark years” of my LEGO life. They were more like “dark decades”! I didn’t really become enthusiastic about LEGO again until 2014 when the passion reignited with the Parisian Restaurant modular. The only other set I had bought before that was the Grand Emporium that had sat lonely on my shelf for a couple of years. Of course I then became modular mad and had to have them all, which I now do. (Apart from those damn expensive and hard to come by first three.)

I love minifigures and it took me just over 3 months to go from having absolutely zero to owning the entire series of Collectable Minifigures (again apart from those pesky, expensive and hard to come by Olympic series). Once I started collecting them, I just couldn’t stop till I had them all! The series 1 nurse was the last one I got and was definitely hard to track down without spending a fortune. I’ve just started framing them in their series which is looking great so far!

nicky (4) nicky (3)

Other than that, I’m a Creator House and a City fan who wants to one day finish a big city layout.

My collection is definitely small compared to others I know but over the past year and a half my passion for LEGO has grown while my storage and display space has shrunk dramatically (as has my wallet size!).

At the moment (and for the next 6 months or so) I’m working on a large Circus and Amusement Park with my friend Peter that will be shown at next year’s Brick-a-Laide. With moving rides and a large layout it has definitely taught me a lot about all different aspects of LEGO building that I had no idea about previously.

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I love being involved with Southern Bricks LUG. I’ve met some wonderful people and enjoy the things we do together. I love being able to help out the LUG with some of my creative skills when needed too.

Outside of the LEGO world I’m a cake decorator with my own small business… Nicole Schneider Cakes and Cupcakes (I make an awesome LEGO cake!) and a Visual Merchandiser.

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Thanks for taking the time to read a little bit about me.

Everything is AWESOME!


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