Meet the LUG: David Aular

Meet the LUG! David Aular hit the South Australian Lego Exhibition circuit with an absolutely massive Star Wars MOC this year, with his rendition of the gigantic Eclipse Super Star Destroyer – the largest ship in the Empire’s Imperial Navy! First appearing in the Star Wars Extended Universe in the classic Dark Empire comic series, it’s place in current Star Wars canon is a source of some friendly-fan debate. What’s not debatable is how awesome David’s build of it is!

Taking out the SBLUG Best New Exhibitor award at Brickalaide 2018, we’ve asked David to share a few details about himself, his love of black plates and all things Lego!



 When did you come in from your “Lego Dark Ages”?

I started doing Lego as an AFOL about 15 months ago, before the brick-a-laide 2017. What took me back to Lego was the 10221 SSD Star Wars UCS.

What was your favourite set growing up? And do you still own it and have it on display?

I had Lego when I was a child, but I do not remember which sets they were. I do not have any Lego from my childhood anymore. I started again collecting Lego.

What is your favourite set and Lego Theme currently??

My favourite Lego set now is the 42055 the Technic Bucket wheel excavator. My favourite theme is Technic, Star Wars and City. My favourite set at home is the UCS SSD Star Wars 10221, my second favourite is the UCS Slave 1 Star Wars.

How do you display your Lego at home?

Inside a glass cabinet and my big MOC is in the shed covered by plastic bags.

What is the most favourite MOC you have built, and why?

My favourite MOC is the Super Star Destroyer Eclipse Version I created for the Brick-a-laide 2018 exhibition. It is a big black massive spaceship with a full interior I created.



How long did your MOC take to build?

It took about 10 months to build and over 40k pieces. The biggest challenge was making an internal structure strong enough to support itself and all the layers above. About 20 thousand pieces were used just in the bottom part of the MOC.

How do you describe your ‘Lego building style’?

My Lego building style is doing things different and beyond the instructions. I tend to build my creations mostly in dark bluish grey and black.

What is your above-all #1 Lego element to build with? And which part do you think you’ve used the most in your builds?

I have used mostly 2×6 plates to 3×2 33 inverted slopes and brackets in my creation. I might say that above-all my main element to build with is Technic lift arms.

Favourite minifigure of all time?

Darth Vader (I have 4)!!

How many years have you been exhibiting, and what event/year has been your favourite?

I started as an exhibitor for Brick-a-laide 2018, with my second one exhibiting at Brick-Barossa. My favourite exhibition was this year’s Brick-a-laide 2018.

What is the craziest, most fun or even mildly interesting moment you’ve had exhibiting?

The reaction of most the kids and their parents when they first see the interior of my MOC. They are just amazed at first sight of all the details and minifigures hiding within.

Your favourite thing about being a member of Southern Bricks?

Advice, communication and other people showing off their Lego creations.

Any plans for Future MOCs you can tease?

I am working on a Lego industrial city with trains controlled by Arduino. My plan is to have this done by the next Brick-a-laide 2019!

If you could ask one question that hasn’t been asked above to the next person answering these questions, what would you ask?

Have you motorised any of your Lego exhibits and what did you use?



Thanks to David for taking the time to answer my questions and look for more Meet the LUG posts to come on !


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