Meet Tim Burdon

For many of us, rediscovering LEGO has taken us on a completely new adventure. For LEGO Ambassador and Southern Bricks LEGO Users Group founder, Tim Burdon it’s seen him create some wonderful masterpieces. From mosaics to Miniland, Tim’s work is always high quality.

Here’s what he has to say about himself!

IMG_7049.JPGAbout Me

I’m a 6-year-old LEGO lover trapped in the body of a 38 year old.

My LEGO love was reignited in the early 2000’s with the assistance of a work colleague and the original series of Bionicles. From there I moved onto the tan Creator house (4954) when it was on sale. Buildings and larger sets became my favorite theme.

Since then my collection has grown and spread and I began exhibiting at LEGO Fan events around Australia. I have displayed at the Canberra BrickExpo twice and Melbourne’s Brickvention three times.

As the Ambassador for the Southern Bricks LEGO Users Group (SBLUG)
I assist in the running of most of the LEGO Fan events in Adelaide, such as Bricktopia and Brick-A-Laide.

Most of my LEGO work is now large scale My Own Creations (MOC’s), some of them reaching over 100,000 pieces. While my LEGO purchases total about 750 varying sets, only one is intact, the recent Mini Cooper MK VII (10242). Everything else is parted out and used for creating MOC’s.

I look forward to seeing you all around the place and hopefully attending Brick-A-Laide.

Keep on building!

Southern Bricks Admin

Southern Bricks LEGO Users Group is a community of LEGO fans from Adelaide and across South Australia.