Melbourne’s getting a massive LEGO gift this Christmas!

Sometimes it feels like Melbourne gets all the cool stuff – and this Christmas, it looks like they’re getting an awesome treat from LEGO® Australia.

From Friday 27 November to Saturday 27 December 2015, a huge LEGO Christmas tree will be featured in Federation Square. It will be built with half a million bricks and reach almost 10m tall making it the largest LEGO Christmas tree in the Southern Hemisphere. That’s pretty big!

On top, will be a star designed and built by LEGO Master Builder Chris Steininger and his family (who also did the massive Millennium Falcon and Tie Fighters earlier this year for Star Wars Day).

If you’re super keen, the whole area sounds like it will be a fun celebration of Christmas as part of the City of Melbourne’s Christmas Festival. If you can’t make it, I’m sure our MUG (Melbourne User Group) friends will be able to share some photos of this amazing installation once it’s up!

Stay tuned to this post – we’ll add more info when we get it.

Southern Bricks Admin

Southern Bricks LEGO Users Group is a community of LEGO fans from Adelaide and across South Australia.