Muggles Welcome at Brixpo

Muggles Welcome display by Kathy and Matthew Fazakerley

It was a very exciting weekend for many of the Southern Bricks LUG builders from July 12-14 at their first Brixpo event, but one piece took out the coveted People’s Choice Award by a large margin.

We caught up with Harry Potter “Muggles Welcome” creators Kathy and Matthew Fazakerley to discuss their build. They didn’t know it at the time I spoke to them on Sunday afternoon, but the jar of blue 2×4 brick votes for #4 in the People’s Choice led the pack for the entire weekend.

Starting back in mid-April the two local builders set about creating a massive Harry Potter diorama that included a very detailed town of Hogsmead (Kathy’s favourite part). “We had a lady come through that lived near the town that they filmed the movies in and she commented on the accuracy of the build, right down to the footbridge over the train line ” says Kathy. “It was a surprise to us that someone knew it so well, the recognition made us feel great!”

  • Matthew checks on the Harry Potter Express
  • The express train continues through on it's journey
  • The footbridge over the track adds to the detail of Hogsmead.

Matthew is also a Dr Who fan, and keen eyed LEGO Builder’s will see a Tardis arrive behind the pub overlooking the lake. “I like to throw in some crossovers” says Matthew “and what some people may not have noticed is that the Weeping Angel moved ever so slightly through the build over the weekend!” He enjoyed the small tricks that he plays on the viewing public.

Both Matthew and Kathy commented about the great vibe of the Brixpo event and how warm and friendly other exhibitors were. They felt right at home in Southern Bricks inaugural event and taking home the 2019 People’s Choice Award just made it that much more special!

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