Quick LEGO stops in Adelaide’s Rundle Mall

A visit to Adelaide’s popular shopping strip, Rundle Mall, can turn into a small LEGO®-spotting adventure. Here are three stores where you can find LEGO works of different sizes that are worth having a look at. Not only do the stores have LEGO on display, but each of them are known to stock exclusive LEGO sets too! Who knows? You may even pick up a bargain or a rare set on your little LEGO adventure.

LEGO model of Moseley Square, Glenelg @ David Jones

Moseley Square made of LEGO bricks in David Jones

This Ryan McNaught original is a fun take on Moseley Square. It’s amazing to see how he’s managed to scale everything down and also keep everything clearly recognisable such as the town hall design and memorial. It feels like a ‘chibi’ version of the popular tourist destination.

Also keep an eye out for the details in the town hall in particular. There are some nice techniques used here for the windows that reflects the real-life building.

Detail of Moseley Square LEGO display at David Jones

Unfortunately, when I was there, it looks like some people had taken the lid off and vandalised the display and there were clearly elements missing. It was pretty disappointing, especially when you have a display by Australia’s only certified LEGO Professional. I ended up helping the staff member remove the casing and reset some of the pieces that had been moved, but it was clear that a lot of damage had already been done.

* If anyone has older photos of this display in its original form, please post them in the comments!

LEGO pirate and lion statue @ Toy World, Myer Centre

Pirate made from LEGO bricks

Visit Toy World on level 2 of the Myer Centre for a couple of larger LEGO builds including a classic, life-styled pirate captain and a LEGO lion. I have a feeling these are remnants of the old John Martins displays from years ago. If anyone has any further info, please feel free to mention it in the comments.

Lion made of LEGO bricks at Toy World

Toy World also have a few current sets in display cases too which can be fun for the kids who want to see what some of them look like when they’re built.

LEGO models of Adelaide Oval and Elder Park at Myer

Adelaide Oval LEGO display in Myer

On the same level as Toy World, make your way through to the Myer toy department to discover two more Ryan McNaught displays. First is a scene from the 2013/2014 Ashes series as reflected by the heritage-listed Adelaide Oval Scoreboard.

There’s plenty of action happening here with the LEGO minifigures enjoying the game (and the food and drink by the looks of things!).

Elder Park rotunda scene LEGO display


Next is a scene from Elder Park and the popular rotunda, looking out onto the River Torrens. There’s a fun wedding scene where it looks as if the groom has cold-feet, one minifigure is trying not to lose his boat and there are plenty of other minifigures enjoying themselves too. Although, I wouldn’t recommending going diving in the Torrens – I’m pretty sure you won’t find any starfish down there!

Life-size LEGO Darth Vader and Kangroo Island Mosaic at Myer

Of course, if you’re in the Myer toy department, it’s impossible to ignore the huge, life-size LEGO statue of the Dark Lord himself, Darth Vader!


This menacing display looks fantastic and may even be one to risk taking a selfie with. It’s great that you can get up close and see how the contours are done with bricks and the detail. It’d be awesome if they could add some effects to him – some lighting in the lightsabre or even maybe motion-activated dialogue? Imagine the reactions!


The other large LEGO artwork that could be easy to miss, is the large LEGO mosaic on the back wall, featuring Kangaroo Island (sorry I didn’t have a wider lens on me to capture the whole piece, it’s huge!). Also a Ryan Mcnaught creation, the mosaic is made of about 140,000 LEGO bricks.

For anyone looking into mosaics, I think this is a great example of balance when it comes to dithering colours without going overboard.

Well, there you have it – three quick stop-offs for LEGO fans in Adelaide’s central shopping district!

Do you have a favourite LEGO stop in Rundle Mall? Maybe the LEGO Club at the City Library or one of the many retail shops that stock LEGO. Leave a comment below and let us know!

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