Review: Ninjago City Photo Review by Narelle

A short while ago Narelle from our Community Builders Group live-blogged her highlights from a build of 70620 – Ninjago City to our Southern Bricks Facebook group page.

In an effort to share and preserve the excitement we’ve captured it all in one post.




It’s here!!!! Squeeeeeee #getexcited #ninjagomovie


I’ve cleared half the dining table. Time to crack open the HUGE box


Wow! There’s a lot of bags here…



Bag 1 is done. Just foundation works…


Bag 2 done. A cute little boat & a boatload of 1×2 trans blue tiles


Bag 3 done. More foundation type work…


Bag 4 done. A bridge, a robot & 2 small rooms.



Ninjago City build Level 2 is about to begin. This is where we are at after Level 1 was completed…


Oooh a gold banana & some more of those new fancy black fence pieces


Bag 7 was the restaurant…


New Sigfig for you Harald Christ? Just need to change the hairpiece


Still on bag 8 but now we have a comic shop next door to the restaurant. #ninjagoharald is at the restaurant


Bag 9 done. A wall for the restaurant, an ATM & a walkway around the shops.


Bag 10 done. Finishing touches to the shops, a safety railing & some signage. Lots of stickers!


Bag 11 was a fashion shop…



Bag 12 done & dusted. Another small room above the comic shop with a blossom tree growing out of it. More work on the lift. Level 2 is now complete



It appears the early bird catches the worm. Andrew was up early this morning & has done bag 13. This was a cute little apartment above the blossom tree.

Bag 14 was a large section of the roof.


Bag 15 – rooftop Sushi Bar


Finished!! Awesome build – highly recommended. It took about 12 hours in total to build & it is very detailed.


For size comparison – here it is next to the Town Hall



Big thanks to Narelle for sharing her build of this amazingly detailed Ninjago Movie set!

Ninjago City is available now for $499.99 at the Lego Shop Online Store and Lego Retail outlets.

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