SBLUG at the Gawler Show 2015

Southern Bricks LEGO User Group members took the opportunity to display at the 2015 Gawler Show. For first-timer, Harald, the experience will be one he won’t forget. Here’s what he posted in the SBLUG Facebook Group after the first day.

“Well, what a day! 😀

I’ve just wound down from my first public display of Lego, thanks to Tim Burdon inviting me along at the last SBLUG meet. I’ll admit, I was nervous. What would it be like? Would my LEGO get trashed? Would my LEGO be good enough? But none of that even mattered when children and adults alike started streaming in and letting fly with “oohs” and “aahs” at ALL the LEGO on display.

There were questions, comments and wide-eyed youngsters (and oldsters). Stories about stashes/collections, big ideas and techniques. Rumours about upcoming sets and memories of old ones. Disbelief at the time and price invested in some of these creations.

And THAT’S what I was riding high on for the rest of the day. This wasn’t just about me, it was about all of US. The relatively rare creature known as a Fan Of LEGO. This was about making people happy and sharing our collective love for the Brick.

And it WAS making people happy.

And we WERE sharing our love.

And you know what? Everything was bloody awesome! :)”

Thanks to the Gawler Show organisers for giving us the opportunity to show our passion for LEGO and for SBLUG member, Michael Smith for these fantastic photos!

Southern Bricks Admin

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