SBLUG Iron Builder Challenge


The next round of the Southern Bricks LUG Iron Builder Challenge will be judged at our upcoming meet in November, giving you plenty of time to join in the fun and win some prizes.

What is the Iron Builder Challenge?

A creative and fun Lego building competition held at every Southern Bricks Meet Up, in which one or more Lego pieces are specially chosen by the Southern Bricks Community Builders Group to be used in your own Lego creation (MOC)

Bring your build to the Southern Bricks Annual Christmas BBQ, 1 Brooker Tce Hilton on December 16th, and the best Lego MOC chosen by public vote wins!

Each Iron Builder Challenge is completely open for public viewing on the day – as are our Meets! – and we encourage voters to choose the most interesting usage of the selected parts for each round. The Iron Builder piece given to Southern Bricks members varies between events, so make sure you don’t miss our regular Meet-ups to get your bricks and battle it out to be a Master Builder!


Iron Builder Challenge for December is to build a Christmas themed MOC no larger than an 8 x 8 baseplate in size.




  • Build a MOC out of LEGO that is no larger than an 8 x 8 stud plate in size, and “Christmas Themed”.
  • “Lego” includes Lego System, Technic, Duplo, Belville… as long as it was produced by the The Lego Group you can build with it! (Yes even boxes.)
  • Your MOC can be as high vertically us you like as long as it is stable and is not a danger to other MOCs on the table.
  • Limited overhang is availble if your build includes features such as Minifigs or trees that may hang over slightly, but the entire footprint of your MOC must be 8 x 8 studs wide or smaller. If in doubt feel free to message a Southern Bricks Community Builder for clarification.
  • Power functions and lighting encouraged.
  • Creativity strongly encouraged! The Builds that win usually have the most interesting concepts presented in the best way possible.
  • Prizes will be awarded based on the highest number of votes tallied by 3.00 pm on “Meet day”.
  • There will be both AFOL (Adult) and KFOL (Kids) prizes on the day. TFOL bracket can be created depending on the number of valid entries by TFOL members (3+), but prizes may not be available.
  • Please note: Prizes may vary in value between events.
  • If you missed out on the piece at our last meet, we may have some available on the day. Just let a Southern Bricks CBG member know that you’d like to join in the fun!

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Now get building, call out in our Facebook group if you get stuck (be discreet as your MOC should be a surprise!) and we’ll see you there!