SBLUG Iron Builders for February 2018!

A packed Auditorium at the Hamra Library was a great way to kick off the first Southern Bricks Lego User Group Meet-Up for 2018.

With the Medieval Collab crew in deep planning for the Brickalaide 2018 expansion of an already enormous MOC in one corner,¬†Martin’s Clone Wars battle scene in another with bonus customised AT-TE’s (One Pink!), Itty Bitty Kas making it rain bricks in the middle and Southern Bricks members mingling with both old and new faces all about the place.

The KFOLs were busy with the Green 2×4 Tubs this Meet, including a massive Lego Imperial Walker gone far too soon from this world (and just before we could take a photo). One keen builder on the other hand constructed an absolutely EPIC Brick Tower that we did capture. Check out the height on that thing, whoa!




Massive thanks to all who came along, and a big welcome to our new Members!



There was an epic round of Iron Builder entries this time out, with the chosen piece being a 2 x 2 Round Brick with Flutes/Grill and Axle Hole in Light Bluish-Grey, with a maximum of 3 in each custom Lego creation.

Congratulations to both winners, now onto the Builds!

KFOL Bracket:

By Margaret


By Marcus


KFOL Winner Henry with his Flick-Cannon!


AFOL Bracket:

By Adrian


By Jason W


By Michael L


By Luke S


By Tim M


AFOL Winner Jason F with this awesome Lego Space MOC! Congrats!


Want to take part in next Month’s Iron Builder Challenge? Not sure what the Rules are? And when/where can I enter my creation?

All these Questions answered and more, available over at our new SBLUG Iron Builder Challenge Rules page!!!

The chosen piece for our March 4th Meet-Up is… the 2 x 2 Slope Double Concave Brick in White!

Good luck Master Builders!

Southern Bricks Admin

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