SBlug News & Event Round-Up plus November Iron Builder Gallery!

SBlug have been busy little Brickers! With no less than FIVE events spread out over the last two Months it’s almost too much to cover in one post – so let’s dive in.

First up we’ll begin with the Events, some Thanks and a few links to photo galleries thanks to Michael Smith (cheers Michael!), then we’ll jump over to some Club News followed by a full Gallery of entries for our November Iron Builder Challenge!



Noarlunga Model Railroaders Exhibition – Sept 29-30

A first year appearance at NMRE, with big thanks the Southern Bricks Rail Crew (Kas, Nick, Jason, Michael, Heather & Andrew K ), and the guys put on a great show. From the photos it’s looked like a great way to let off some steam! Event Gallery on Flickr:



Brickgambier – Sept 30 – Oct 1

Southern Brick’s Exhibitors reported Brickgambier as a massive success for it’s second year running, with an excellent crowd turn-out that had on-lookers really engaging with the builds on display.  All in all it was an extremely well-run event, so we have to give a massive shout-out to Emma Robinson and the Brickgambier crew, plus all the Exhibitors and Volunteers involved with putting on such a good show.

It was even featured in an article for ABC news, with cameos from Emma, Connor, Tristan & the Bradley Family!

In total the Event raised $3595.16 for the Wet Noses Animal Rescue! Great work!


SAPMA Model Expo – Oct 12 – 13

Thanks again to Michael, Heather & Andrew K for putting on yet another great display at SAPMA this year! Love the Models and Exhibits on display. Event Gallery on Flickr:



Children’s Week @ Salisbury Library – Oct 27

Sold out event! Great show from all involved with big thanks to Narelle Robinson for getting it off the ground with the Salisbury Library and Jon Schulz for running it so well on the day. We’ve spoken to the team at Salisbury Library and have had some excellent feedback through for next time. Excellent work to everyone who came out for this one. Event Gallery on Flickr:


SBLUG November Meet-Up – Nov 4

Meet-day! With boxes of Lugbulk deliveries bringing a smile to many patient but extremely happy faces in the LUG, we also had to say goodbye to the excellent Hamra 2.0 facilities that have been hosting our events on and off over the last year.

The Community Builders Group happily announced our Annual Christmas BBQ for Sunday December 16th, one of our biggest events of the year that really makes us click as a Lego Community of AFOLs, TFOLs & KFOLs. We’ll be cooking up Snags with a BYO salad table, providing drinks, nibbles & Lego fans! Make sure you let us know if you’re coming for numbers, as that’ll help us with planning games and raffle prizes for the day.

Southern Bricks own Steve Ready also came in and dropped the mic with the big reveal of ‘Project Rudolph’ – a life-size Reindeer & Sleigh display built entirely out of Lego and on exhibit in Victoria Square (yes that Victoria Square, pictured below), starting December 14th!!! Merry Christmas!

More details to come but the Adelaide City Council has posted up an event on Facebook: Christmas Lights, Festive Nights,  so make sure you don’t miss out on this one as this is one gargantuan undertaking and we can’t wait to see the finished build.



Iron Builder Gallery for November 2018

Iron Builder Challenge for this round was use a single Support Girder in Dark Blue in a MOC no larger than 16×16 studs. (We ran out of Iron Builder pieces this month, and were happy to allow substitute colours for the Girder this round.)


KFOL Entries:

Fred – Age 10 – Smart work with the technic motion on this one.


Patrick – Age 6 – ‘Power Plant’


Cedric – Age 8


Ted – 14 – Great Mech building!


Harley – Age 8


Bennett- Age 4 – “Boomer Speeder” – love it!


Winner of the KFOL bracket – Coopa! – Age 11


AFOL Entries:

Andrew K – “Support Group”


Patrick C


Jason F


Jason W – Mythbusters anyone?


Michael S


Winner of the AFOL bracket – Jodie ! Congrats!!!


Until next time Lego fans, same Bat-Time, same Bat-Channel!

Southern Bricks Admin

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