SBLUG Iron Builders for October 2017!

Another successful meet at our regular haunt of the Hamra Library! – Showcasing an inspirational tree-building workshop from Community Builder Group member Kas Modra, a live UCS 2017 Millenium Falcon build by UCS fanatic David Webb and another fantastic round of our Lego Iron Builder Challenge.

Big thanks to everyone who brought something to show, and to all who came along to appreciate the creations on display.

Our friend Mark from Phillipine Bricksters has also posted a great write-up of the day from his perspective, so click over for more details and photos from the event: Thanks Mark!

We loved everyone’s response from the Tree-Building Workshop, and plan to include more in the future. Cheers again to Kas for all the great tips!




If there’s a particular school of Lego you’re interested in learning more about – or even hosting your own session – please let us know in the comment section below, in our Facebook group or by speaking to a Community Builder at our next meet.


Now onto the Iron Builder Entries!!!


The Southern Brick’s KFOLs, TFOLs and AFOLs really brought it this Month, with some colourful and creative builds.

Micro-scale was a big hit! With quite a few members agreeing the Lego Slope 75 2 x 2 x 2 Quadruple Convex brick makes for a perfect miniature tree.

^ by Max C

^ by Alex

^ by Eva

^ by Grace

^^^ Winning KFOL entry by Abi. Congrats!

^ by Connor

^ by Michael S

^ by Ben T (Have we got a name for this guy yet Ben? ^_^ )

^ by Jon

^ by Tom

^ Winning AFOL entry by Michael L! Love those curved tiles!!

Our next Iron Builder Challenge will be judged at our Christmas BBQ in December, giving you plenty of time to join in the fun and win some prizes.

Iron Builder piece for December is the Technic Link Tread in Dark Bluish Grey.

If you missed out on the piece this meet, we may have some available on the day. Rules are to build a MOC no larger than a 16 x 16 baseplate, use one or more of the chosen Iron Builder piece and bonus points awarded for building something Christmas Themed!

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