SBLUG Iron Builders for September 2018!

Sunday the 9th of September held another brick-tastic Southern Bricks LUG Meet at the Hamra Library in Hilton, to a packed room of Lego fans of all ages.

Great to see the room busy and bustling with activity, and big thanks to everyone who brought something in to see on the Show & Tell table which was absolutely overflowing with great builds (Sadly missed taking a picture this Month).

I think I spotted David Aular’s next Black-coated Star Wars MOC at one point in the afternoon, and without spoiling it I’ll just say that I can’t wait to see the finished project. Look for an upcoming Meet the LUG interview from David soon on!

As announced on the day Southern Bricks has quite a few events & exhibitions over the next few Months. Pencil in the date for our Annual Christmas BBQ event on December 16th, with more details to come leading up to December.

Check out our Events page for all dates and where we’ll be:

Oh and the Iron Builder entries this Month almost spread to three tables!

This round the Iron Builder Challenge piece was the 2×2 Tile in Black, using up to six pieces on a build no larger than 8×8 studs.

A lot of entries made use of the the zero height limits this Month! And it was great to see some Microscale in there among all the other imaginative entries. Love the range of builds, and love hearing everyone guessing who-built-what around the table before voting closed.

So without further ado, let’s have a look at the KFOL entries:


Build by Lily – Age: 5


Build by Nate – Age: 13


Build by Patrick – Age: 6


Build by Christopher


Build by Fred


Build by Coopa


Build by Harley – Age: 7


Build by Sean – Age: 8


Winner of the KFOL Round: Ted with this brilliant Driving Simulator!



Now onto the AFOL Entries! –

Build by Steve


Build by Michael S


Build by Luke S (These aren’t the droids you’re looking for?)


Build by Jodie


Build by Nick


Build by Andrew


Build by Catrin (Love the Hat placement!)


Build by Harald


Build by David


Build by Patrick C


Build by Simon


Build by Michael L


Build by Ben


Build by Jade


Build by Aaron


Build by Matthew


Winner of the AFOL Round: Kas with this dynamic rotating Carousel spinning circles around the competition!

See that handle? It spins! :-



Massive thanks to all who entered and also to everyone who came out to this great day. Hope to see you all at next Meet.

Lastly a final bonus pic of a creation from the blue brick build boxes that our KFOLs put together. Looks like a job for Mario, excellent work guys!


Southern Bricks Admin

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