This LEGO mech battle will change how you look at stop-motion

Stop-motion movies are great and YouTube is full of great videos of people filming everything from original works to re-making trailers or scenes from movies. But every now and then, you come across something special.

Taking over 2 months and 2,500 pictures, this amazing video by 17-year-old, Jordan Tseng is a real jaw dropper.

It’s not just the quality of the video and cinematography, the MOCs look great and the short story feels just like something out of a modern anime mech battle.

Check out the video below (parent warning: it may not be safe for the kiddies though, it’s a little violent)

If you want to get a bit of insight on how he worked his magic, you can see some behind-the-scenes photos over on Jordan’s blog. Be sure to check out the rest of Jordan’s YouTube channel featuring more stop-motion goodness including Transformers and more LEGO.

Thanks to Ervin for spotting this!

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